Tuesday, July 13, 2010


so its been a couple of days i know i need to be better about posting pictures i might just end up putting them of facebook. its so much faster when i do it that. so i have learned that it very dangerous here. they go about in the streets and kill people for no reason at all. they being the gangs they are call the M S 13. look that up on google image search!! crazy stuff. they dont care who they kill either. also i will NEVER EVER go to the hospital here. they dont have any money so they were on tv asking people for money. the have no meds to give the sick people. and they dont have enough room so when someone dies they just take them off the bed and put them on the floor to make more room!!! nasty nasty!!! one thing i am missing is the smell of rain. it might rain here all the time but it doesnt smell like rain. you know that we dirt smell. ya they have that here so it rain just isnt the same. kind sad.....we got a pizza the other day from pizza hut. ehhh wasnt a huge fan there just wasnt enough sauce.. but i guess i got used to having some amazing pizza at cpk. also when i i get home i want a good big salad! we cant eat any veggies that grow on the ground because they water them with waste water!! ecckkkkkkkk!!! so i got a little bug bite. i didnt think anything of it until.....it started growing, and growing, and growing. it go to be able the size of a tennis ball before i said anything.so we just put some cream on it. didnt help it it just kept growing. it got really reall red and hot. it started to make my leg sore. it hurt to put any kind of pressure on it or even walk. so off to the doctor!! so we walk in he touches it and next thing i know he pulls out a needle. A NEEDLE!!!! thats might be my biggest fear in the world!!! i couldnt even understand what he was saying....i burst into tears on the spot!! i had a full blow panic attack. crying, shaking, short of breath.....the whole nine. but they laid me down and gave me the needle...needless so say i was screaming. he said no pus or anything came out and pushed on it a little. the doctor gave me some anti-biotics. we will wait a couple days to see if it starts to clear up. if it doesnt he said he will have to cut it open.....and there is no way no how i will let them cut me open in FREAKING HONDURAS!!!!!!!

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