Friday, June 25, 2010

crazy crazy craziness

its now less then a week before i depart on my amazing so ready to go!!! well that kinda a lie i have nothing packed i have a couple more trip to the store i need to make. im thinking it might be a good idea to start a list or something.....ok so im not that ready but you know what i mean. the hard things are out of the way i had to go get shots that was not a fun time i had to take some sedatives just to get through that(im a huge baby when it comes to needles) my passport is here...those are the big things. i have still been working which makes me even more busy. im still trying to work hard on my spanish! its hard stuff i try to talk to people at work i even have been watching nothing but spanish cartoons haha but i have to have some sot of subtitles. im all about a show called Pocoyo!!! i have spent hours watching sometimes i feel like im going crazy.  im sad to leave all of my friends but i think that the excitement that im feeling is kind of overpowering that feeling! dont get me wrong i love my friends dearly and they are so so amazing and yes i will miss but i feel this huge push from im not really sure where to get out of here for a while. i think it will also be neat to come about after being gone a hopefully see everything with fresh eyes. i cant wait for the amazing experiences that i will have there and i hope i can see change in my life while im back here at home come from the thing i learn on this trip

Monday, June 21, 2010


Im now a blogger! woot woot! I never thought that i would say that. But see as i am about to embark on a wonderfully amazing adventure i thought this would be a good way to keep every kind of updated. So what is this adventure you ask???? i will be spending the next almost 2 months in San Pedro Sula, Honduras!!!! I have been very blessed to have such an amazing opportunity to go down and serve the people there. Im working with a group call One Life At A Time. the dates have changed a couple of times, i thought i was going to go until the 26th of july  but i got a call of couple of days ago and they need us now sooo...... the count down has begun...11 days its crazy but im excited!!! there is so little time now to get things done and i wish i would have been working on things before (like learning spanish) i did find out that i have a tudor for the first part of my stay. i cant wait to start learning!! im nervous and sad to go but i know how amazing this will be for me and how lucky i am to be given a chance to do something like this