Wednesday, July 7, 2010


oh little devil you. Im still trying to learn. its just going so slowing. i need help with alot of the grammer and verbs. thats the stuff that gets me everytime. blah blah blah me whining about spanish moving on......i taught my first class by myself yesterday..scary....but i made it. there is a girl in the class who speaks pretty good english which is a lifesaver. the class i teach by myself has alot of younger kids in it which is great. they are the ones who seem to speak the most english. after class is over sometimes they ask me about going to see movies or a phrase they heard, and what it means or how you say it. i had a good little convo with a girl all about the twilight books. it made me laugh because she was tell he how much she loves jacob. oh its so funny how much things are the same. it rained again last night but not quite as hard. i spent all day at the school from 830 to 830 it makes my days ssssssooooooooo long. i feel like the days are getting better. when i can talk to people it will be great. i love skype i love at night being able to see those people that i love and miss so much. it makes my days so much better!i have a large break in my day and i end up spending alot of time just sitting at my desk. yesterday i got a little stir crazy and had to go in the hallway and to cartwheels and handstands. im thinking i could just roll out one cheer mat down the hallways and tumble. oh what joy that would bring to me!! BIG NEWS! i am have decied that i am a coke person. at home it never really mattered that much to me coke pepsi whatever but now that all the live long day i drink soda(which is getting super old but sometimes its better then the nasty orange juice they have some places) and so now i can say its all about coke-a-cola!!

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