Monday, July 5, 2010

rain and rain and more rain!

so as we left the houe this morning camilo says to me "its going to rain today" i didnt think much of it because it rains almost everynight. so i taought at the school ill talk more but that later but its starts raining in the after noon just pouring. so we start to head home a little later and it take us an hour and half what would normally take us maybe 15 minutes. its been raining so much that the streets and flooded and not just a little bit like the streets are a freaking river.(most of the water is on the other side of the street but that side is so full that it come over the median in waves) ITS SO CRAZY!!!! then we get home and they say its going to rain for the next 48 hours. i might just end up swimming home. but really i hope not. i have been a little bit sick i hope its just some kind of a cold. im going to turn up the air in my room so its not so cold at night and take some meds too. also i think i will be drinking more juice thats always a good idea. we went to the mall today also. its kinda like the mall at home. they were playing black eyed peas and the pussy cat dolls in the food court it made me laugh. the banks are at the mall too. and everytime you go into the bank they check you with one of those metal dector stick thing and check your bag. when they first went to do that i was so confused and the man looked at me like i was crazy and said something in spanish. we played a really funny game in class today the kids would come up and write there names on the board. with out looking at there name they would tell me the letters and i would write them. they say the names of the letter different and so we ended up with some crazy names. we would call the person by the name that they spelled and we laughed and laughed. which was a wonderful feeling just to laugh and smile again and to KNOW why everyone was laughing! i met the other teach today for the first time.....ehhh im not such a big fan she just likes to look at me like i dont know what going on. of course i dont know what going but you dont have to look at me like that! she speaking english to but would rather talk spanish around me and leave someone else to translate it for me ggggrrrrrrr. IM SURE SHE IS A SWEET SPIRIT! we will find a way to get along i know just not maybe the first day. SKYPE IS THE BIGGEST BLESSING IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW! i miss you all the hope to see (via skype) or talk to ou all soon!!! love you!!!!

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  1. chanelle!! that sounds like an intense amount of rain. I love that you are blogging frequently-i love reading what you have to say.

    About being frustrated, girl you're gonna have more frustrations with the language. that right there is your trial that Heavenly Father is putting you through-perseverance and patience. I can only imagine that sort of desasperation to want to understand everything and be able to communicate freely. I can't imagine how the missionaries do it too. But i have SO much faith in you that in just a short amout of time, your spanish will continue to grow and grow. Those people need you and i'm so happy you're there spreading your knowledge and sharing a smile with them. You're setting an example to us here so, thank you missy :)