Sunday, October 10, 2010

im back!

1st off i got a new blanket
oh i love blankets
i am a happy girl

i had amazing weekend
got to see so many people
go out do things i havent done in what feels like forever
i really am just enjoying life right now

funny story from this weekend
we were driving back from the desert on a mattress in the back of a truck when we get pulled over by the cops. the boys had guns so the cops had to take them and then wanted to to search the truck for drugs. haha he finally got out his drug sniffing dog while we all stood out the side of the beeline hwy for 45 minutes..but those are the kind of things you remember.

this had made me thing about things a little. we had a good talk while sitting in the back of the truck. there is so much that goes on in our lives...the good...the bad...and the ugly, but what are the things you will really remember? what are the things that you want to really make count. there is so much the we worry and stress about but in time will those things matter and make a difference? or will we remember chill nights in the back of the truck talking with good friends when you needed them most. if made me think that you just got to focus on those things that you know when looking back on them will bring a smile to your face.

this is the time you make those memories!!!


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