Friday, October 8, 2010


so i spent my morning in the wonderful COOLIDGE AZ
my friend had to go so i went along for the ride
its defiantly not on my list of vacation spots but it was a wonderful morning

dying my hair today
i NEED a little change
exciting for the weekend going to have some great times with my friends
im going out tonight and wear my sexy big girl boots haha cant wait

i had a comment made to me
"you have been more cheerful in the last couple of days then i have seen you be in a while"
this is a wonderful sign
also i dont think i really noticed that because these couple of days have been hard
but it shows that its all going to work out and im handling it pretty well
life goes on and i couldnt be more happy about it!

.....i dont miss him.....i miss who i thought he was....

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